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Keeping People Top of Mind

Finding solutions to workplace safety and mental health problems remains a work in progress.

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Making Engineering More Inclusive

McMaster is leading the way for women in STEM with their focus on building positive learning environments for all students.

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What Does a Scientist Look Like?

Rachel Ward-Maxwell, staff astronomer at the Ontario Science Centre is breaking stereotypes on what a scientist looks like.

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Read, Relax, Repeat.

Long summer days are a perfect opportunity to read anywhere, anytime. Check out this summer's must-reads and the IndigoKids summer reading program.

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Women Leading Change in Humanitarian Aid

Oxfam's What She Knows Matters campaign aims to ensure that in all humanitarian crises, women have the decision-making power to meet their own needs.

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The Brock Experience Puts Inclusion First

Brock University is focused on creating an environment that is diverse and inclusive through creating systems that advocate for LGBTQ+ identifying students.