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2% Milk, 98% Innovation

Parmalat Canada has over 120 years of brand heritage in supporting Canadian dairy, and is a key innovator when both producing and packaging dairy products.

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Are You Energy Literate?

Read about how Fort St. John, BC, is billing itself as the energy capital of the province and is working to improve energy literacy for all Canadians.

Minister Bibeau: The Sky's the Limit for Ag Science

Canada’s Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Marie-Claude Bibeau shares her thoughts on innovation in the sector, and its importance in order for us to drive a profitable, productive, and sustainable agri-food industry that can feed the world's growing population.

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Innovation is Unlimited in Mississauga

Mississauga’s business community promotes innovation by bringing together minds to collaborate on ideas, concepts, thoughts, resources, and lessons.

Modernizing Payments Creates Opportunities

The future of payments is data: Payments Canada’s Modernization initiative includes integrating the ISO 20022 messaging standard into Canada’s payment infrastructure upgrade. This creates cost savings and innovation opportunities for businesses and benefits to consumers.

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Prince George, a Canadian Bio-Economy Leader

Prince George is home to a thriving bio-economy - see how industry leaders are taking advantage of the region's natural abundance and business support services to advance bio-economic innovation.

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Keeping People Top of Mind

Finding solutions to workplace safety and mental health problems remains a work in progress.

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Right-sizing of P3s

Bombardier is a global leader in rail P3s, and knows the importance of integration and right-sizing P3 projects.