Technology & Innovation

TOPICS As technology continue to advance, it’s important to observe the impact that these innovations are having on the health care industry, business, Canada, and more. See the impact that Canada innovation is having and how we can continue to push the world forward.

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Points for Paying Bills Is Here at Last

Paytm's app helps Canadians pay all of their bills from one easy-to-use platform — but they're not done yet! Learn about their new loyalty program.

Demystifying the Value of AI

Canada is home to the third-largest artificial intelligence (AI) talent pool, including Element AI Co-founder and deep learning pioneer, Yoshua Bengio.

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Navigating Your Path to the Future of Work

Learn how the York University School of Continuing Studies empowers women to pursue careers in emerging digital fields like UX Design and Web Development.

Modernizing Payments Creates Opportunities

The future of payments is data: Payments Canada’s Modernization initiative includes integrating the ISO 20022 messaging standard into Canada’s payment infrastructure upgrade. This creates cost savings and innovation opportunities for businesses and benefits to consumers.


Real-time Accounting for a Changing World

Financial planning and accounting can make or break the growth of all small businesses. Learn how Xero technology changes the financial experience for small business owners.

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Right-sizing of P3s

Bombardier is a global leader in rail P3s, and knows the importance of integration and right-sizing P3 projects.

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The Benefits of the Compostable Pod

Traditional coffee pods are made of non-recyclable plastics, but Club Coffee pods are working toward a more sustainable future.