Workplace Health & Safety

TOPICS Workplace safety is vital to ensuring that your employees stay safe and aren’t putting their lives at risk regardless of the job. Here’s a guide as to how you can support and protect your workers.

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Supporting Workers, Improving Lives

The Labourers’ International Union of North America has grown to represent and advocate for workers across various sectors, from construction to hospitality in North America.

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Building for Safety Is Good for Business

Construction Workplace Safety Training offers a full range of Health and Safety services which includes preparation of company policies and procedures.

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Violence. Not Part of the Job.

A nurse from British Columbia who has worked in elder care for 17 years never expected that her attempt to help a patient would turn violent.

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Focus on the Worker to Improve Safety

Around the world, April 28th has been recognized as a Day of Mourning to honour those workers who have lost their lives through traumatic incidents which were completely preventable.