Imagine a workplace where wellness is a natural part of your day, rather than something you try to squeeze into a jam-packed schedule.  Sprout, a Canadian wellness company, is doing just that by making it easier for businesses to prioritize employee health as an integral part of the workplace.

A platform that engages employees

"Sprout is a wellness engagement platform that inspires employees to get healthy and empowers employers to manage and quantify their corporate wellness," explains Martha Switzer, Co-Founder and CMO of Sprout.  Together with business partner Christina Ford, Switzer created Sprout to encourage healthy employee lifestyles while simplifying wellness for businesses.  "We're a one-stop shop for companies for wellness — we provide an integrated solution that brings many elements together in one central place using the latest technology."

Sprout motivates employees to reach their health goals by using a unique online wellness portal (web and mobile app) that involves gamification, rewards, fitness app integration, and social interaction. Unlike other programs that rely on a one-size-fits-all approach, Sprout drives employee engagement through a variety of channels that speak directly to each individual’s interests and goals.

Quantifiable results

Sprout also provides employers with a powerful dashboard that allows them to monitor and measure the impact their corporate wellness program has on employee health and productivity. “Companies gain a measurable ROI, including reductions in sick days, health claims, and turnovers,” Switzer says. “Employers can see that happier and healthier employees are good for business.”

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