“In January of this year alone, eight construction workers in Ontario lost their lives in workplace accidents,” says Bruce Bolduc, President of Construction Workplace Safety Training Ltd. “It’s totally unacceptable.”

According to Bolduc, the industry has changed in recent decades, meaning workplace safety and training is more important than ever before. “There is more pressure on builders to meet deadlines and new quality standards,” he says. “When people are under time pressure, they will cut corners and often safety is the first thing to be compromised, but I tell people that safety training doesn’t slow the work down.”

Change starts from within

Construction Workplace Safety Training Ltd. has been a part of the construction industry for the past three decades and offers a wide range of services including safety training courses, heavy equipment safe operations training, safety seminars, and site safety management.

“Our trainers and staff come from the industry, and both workers and employers appreciate this,” says Bolduc. “We strive to make the learning enjoyable while being able to present real-world scenarios that our students can relate to. In some cases, we can even bring the training to the worksite, where workers can look at the exact thing being thought.”

Prevention is possible

As an accident investigator, Bolduc has seen several workplace fatalities and major traumas — and in almost every case, they were preventable. “These accidents have a huge impact, not only on the worker but also on their family and co-workers. In some cases, companies have gone out of business as a result,” he says. “We have the technology to make the workplace safe, and there is no excuse for workers to be injured on the job.”

You can check out all the training and workplace safety resources offered by Construction Workplace Safety Training at buildwithsafety.com