Chronic disease and other serious illnesses, along with mental illness, exact a huge toll on the workplace. Together, they affect the health of your employees and your company’s productivity.

That’s where HealthPartners comes in.

We marshal the strength and resources of our 16 member health charities — the most trusted in Canada — to help workplaces engage their employees, promote wellness programs that create healthier employees and workplaces, and produce a healthier bottom line.

Affecting 87 percent of all Canadians at some point in their lifetime, chronic disease is a challenging interruption to daily life, to say the least. Fortunately, there is much we can do in terms of prevention.

HealthPartners CEO Eileen Dooley delivering health information at a conference.

Unique among Canadian charities, HealthPartners engages and connects employees with our member health charities and their support services, on-line and in-person resources, and life-saving research. It’s a holistic network of support for Canadians, by Canadians.

HealthPartners also promotes workplace wellness and employee engagement through its own programs and information: the Small Steps program, for example, helps employees improve their health through incremental lifestyle changes in the areas of activity, hydration, mental health, nutrition and sleep. Publications like the Chronic Disease and Mental Health Report contain helpful information and resources for employers and employees alike.

More recently, we began partnering with external service providers such as Virgin Pulse and its Global Challenge program to improve workplace wellness by bringing new resources to organizations and their employees.