According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, a mentally healthy workforce is linked to lower health care costs, lower absenteeism, and higher productivity.

Work plays a significant role in a person’s life, influencing and shaping overall health and wellness. It may come as no surprise to anyone who’s struggled or succeeded in their career that the workplace can affect our mental health in both positive and negative ways.

Work can contribute to and enhance mental health by providing a person with purpose, financial security, a sense of identity and belonging, and social contact. But work can also negatively affect one’s mental health and may even trigger or exacerbate mental illness.

Just like with physical health, employees need to manage their own mental health and take care of it. However, employers are expected to maintain workplaces that are safe — not only physically, but also psychologically. The Canadian Mental Health Association’s national workplace mental health initiative, Not Myself Today, supports hundreds of organizations with information, tools, and resources to help build a mentally healthy workplace.