Organizations cannot afford to have their senior key personnel sick and not working. That’s why many companies are providing their leaders and executives with advanced health care solutions — like comprehensive health assessments — through their health insurance plans. “The cost of hiring, recruiting and training at the executive level is extremely high, so incorporating these health care innovations ensures that senior personnel are not going to suddenly become ill and unable to work,” says Reham Sannoufi, President & Co-Founder of La Vie Health Centre in Ottawa, which she runs with her husband, Dr. Hassan Sannoufi, the Centre’s Medical Director and Founder.

Focus on people first

Early detection, prevention, and reverse aging all play a critical role in overall corporate health and wellness. “For many diseases like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, the symptoms appear when the disease is already advanced,” says Dr. Sannoufi. “That’s why early detection is key, because if we’re able to identify the illness early enough, it’s easier to reverse it,” he says.

Prevention — also known as risk reduction — means taking action to reduce or eliminate the risk of getting a serious, life-threatening disease. “Diagnostic tests, according to the patient’s age, gender, and family history, can identify whether there is potential or risk for illness. Then we can work with them on managing these risk factors,” he says.

Reverse aging refers to identifying all the body’s deficiencies and working to optimize them. “By providing the body with the hormones and nutritional support it needs through different vitamins, enzymes, and proper digestive function, the body can repair itself and reverse the aging process,” says Dr. Sannoufi.

A different approach

La Vie Health Centre incorporates early detection, prevention and reverse aging into its Comprehensive Health Assessment, a five-hour, head-to-toe, intensive physical examination using state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous medical testing.

The assessment includes a comprehensive review of the patient’s previous medical history, health care records, family history, plus comprehensive blood work, stress testing, heart, hearing and vision testing, a comprehensive diet and fitness assessment, and detailed physical exam conducted by Canada’s leading physicians.

“Some important medical alerts may be missed in a routine 20-minute medical examination,” says Dr. Sannoufi. “Our whole objective is to detect these alerts ahead of time and prevent any issues before they present themselves,” he says. Because all assessments and testing are done under one roof, the need to visit other clinics for blood work is eliminated. Additionally, detecting illnesses at an early stage helps busy patients avoid multiple visits to doctors, saving time and money.

“We all know that if something happens to one of the corporation’s leaders, the whole corporation is going to suffer,” says Sannoufi, who has seen more mid-sized to large corporations recognizing the need for proactive wellness programs and adopting them in as compared to past years. More recently, she sees a similar trend with small businesses.

“Entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t want their families to suffer, so awareness of the importance of this annual comprehensive assessment is becoming more and more common now.”

Having innovative and comprehensive health and wellness programs — like those offered by La Vie — offer multiple advantages to both the health of the individual and the health of the organization.

Making personal health a priority for business leaders through proactive corporate wellness programs is a sound investment more companies should make.