At Business and Industry Canada we help with:

  • Fostering a business case for your next venture project.
  • Market insight into your particular industry before investing in it.
  • Counsel and Data to client’s businesses and working together in Canada.
  • We do also offer On-site visits for client’s businesses.

Our Provisions:

  • Provide meaningful References to investment support experts like banks, legal advisors, bookkeeping firms, data trained professionals and private-area industry affiliations to ensure that our clients are safe.
  • Key contacts in private industry, the scholarly world and government.
  • A Commonplace, regional and nearby investment organizations can help you with access to neighbourhood investment opportunities, their organizations and projects.
  • Offering Key industry occasions and global exercises to our Investment clients.

Our guide:

  • Government programs that can help you (investor) in putting up a business in Canada, get access to tax assessment, research and development for the good of the business.
  • An Industry- a clear administrative climate that would put your business in a conducive culture for operating.

The governing structure:

  • Business and Industry Canada is run by a Board of Directors that brings together, established and accomplished key industry players representing Canada’s prominent sectors. This experienced board is key in ensuring a progressive investment scheme.
  • The team is passionate about portraying Canada on the world stage, hence carrying on the success the country has to offer by enabling an entrepreneurial spirit, strategic thinking and innovative mindset.