The Canadian government and the provincial government of Ontario announced that they would provide over $600 million to ensure the upgrade of educational infrastructures in Ontario. One of them will involve the provision of laptops for teachers. These upgrades will secure staff and students from the pandemic in the schools situated in the province.

Key figures in Ontario announced the upgrades in infrastructure.

The pandemic heavily impacts Canadian communities, and they require urgent support to guarantee the reliability and safety of their public infrastructure. This is why both the national and provincial governments are gearing up to provide aids for communities, businesses, and families and plan for further support necessary for this period of uncertainty.

Where Will The Disbursement Be Used?

Most of the money provided by both governments will go to ventilating systems to enhance the quality of air in the classrooms in every community that makes up the province.

Renovations will include the installation of water bottle refilling points for increased accessibility to clean, drinking water, the improvement of air quality, boosting remote learning by injecting funds into network and broadband structures, and finally, space modifications which will involve the placement of new doors and walls to enhance social distancing.

Covid-19 Resilience Stream

The Canadian government is disbursing $525.2 million for these renovation projects through the Covid-19 Resilience Stream. On the other hand, the provincial government of Ontario is disbursing over $131.3 million to the renovation projects.

The Covid-19 Resilience Stream came into existence because of the pandemic. It enables the national government to provide funds for most of the provincial projects and all the projects that aid indigenous communities and territories to help them cope with the pandemic.

What Key Figures Had to Say?

Honorable Catherine McKenna said that the pandemic has significantly affected the welfare of teachers, students, and parents. She said that while they continue to fight against this unpleasant situation, it’s important that we provide a safe and conducive learning atmosphere for our children.

According to her, this is why the Canadian government is providing over $500 million to guarantee the safety of all the students and teachers in Ontario. She said that these projects would give the classrooms better ventilation, give students more access to clean water for drinking or washing hands, and enforce social distancing.

These projects measure the Canadian government’s support to ensure that its citizens stay safe till the pandemic is over. It also creates more employment opportunities in Ontario.

Facts to Know

  • The Canadian government has disbursed over $180 billion by investing in Canada’s infrastructure plan for over 12 years. This investment will be going to green infrastructure, public transportation, transportation and trade pathways, the rural and northern communities, and social infrastructure. The government of Ontario is disbursing more than $10 billion.
  • To help the citizens of Canada and the communities during the lockdown, Covid-19 Resilience Stream was introduced to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure program. It’s a program with a designated disbursement totaling over $33 billion. Current programs have been modified to incorporate product categories considered to be more eligible.
  • More than $3 billion has been released through the Covid-19 Resilience Stream to empower territories and provinces with increased flexibility to finance short-term or quick projects.
  • The national cost share for these infrastructure projects is 80% in the provinces and 100% for indigenous communities’ projects and the territories under the Covid-19 Resilience Stream.
  • Under the Investing in Canada plan, the federal government of Canada has disbursed more than $8.3 billion in almost 3,000 infrastructure projects in Ontario.
  • From the start of the pandemic, the provincial government of Ontario has disbursed more than $1.6 billion to protect the staff, students, and families.

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