About half a portion of the world’s openly recorded mining and investigation organizations are recorded on Canada’s (Stock Exchange) TSX and TSXV (Stock exchange venture).

The nation positions itself as the 6th biggest energy maker on the planet. Canada’s bounty of regular assets, worldwide market access and obligation to outflows lessening innovation make it a great area for groundbreaking energy, minerals and metals industries.

Why Invest in Canada’s natural resources?

Added Incentives

The Mineral Investigation Tax reduction (METC) helps investigation organizations raise the value of assets by giving tax relief to financial providers on qualified costs.

Market Access

Canada is the biggest provider of unrefined petroleum and refined oil-based goods to the US and has dynamic foundation advancement for conveying unrefined petroleum and flammable gas supplies to Asian and European business sectors.

Transportation times to Asia from Canada’s west coast LNG projects are around ten days less compared to the U.S. It gives financial backers a tremendous cut from operational costs.

With an incorporated arrangement of across the national railway lines, a 760,000 km-long pipeline framework, Canadian oil, gas and large energy creation, is all around associated with homegrown trade markets.

Minerals and Metals

Canada has one of the biggest mineral and metal suppliers in the world. It’s also one of their largest industries.

Oil & Gas

Canada is the 6th largest natural gas exporter and the 3rd largest crude oil exporter.


Canada has one of the biggest supplies of softwood lumber. That alone makes up 20% of their forestry product exports.

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