Unless you count yourself among those who don’t believe in climate change, you understand that, quite simply, waste is bad. But what you may not understand is how to reduce your carbon footprint both at home and at the office every day.

Start ordering coffee from GoJava.ca

GoJava.ca is a Toronto-based company that provides premium coffee, beverages, and snacks to homes and offices with one standout feature— their company prevents millions of coffee pods from going to the landfill through a convenient recycling program.Once the used pods are picked up by the GoJava team, they are separated so that the grounds are composted and the plastics are made into lumber to build things like park benches and playgrounds. To date, GoJava has collected 732,789 coffee pods,— that’s 59 CN Towers stacked top to bottom.

Since launching, GoJava has expanded their services to offer a zero waste solutions program for offices which includes recycling electronics, batteries, ink cartridges and paper cups, facilitating compost collection, and water filtration systems. The recycling process is completed using a carbon neutral delivery fleet to offset the added environmental impact of the process. To continue their commitment to the environment, GoJava recently partnered with WeForest.org to plant one tree for every order sold, supporting their desire to make an impact locally and globally. 

To date, GoJava is the only coffee pod recycling solution in Toronto.  The company has seized the opportunity to bring an expensive and complicated process to businesses and individuals while municipalities work out how to adopt it on a larger scale. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with choices to make about going greener, GoJava makes it easy for you to take one big decision off your plate: recycle your pods!