Most know there are social, economic and personal benefits to living a more low-carbon life, but it can still be difficult to truly understand just how much of an impact our energy usage can have on our daily lives.

Fortunately, Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) is working to raise energy awareness of this issue among consumers and businesses with its Save on Energy program. “Save on Energy is Ontario’s energy efficiency platform,” explains Terry Young, Vice President, Policy, Innovation and Engagement, at the Independent Electricity System Operator. “The platform is powered by the IESO — an agency of the Government of Ontario— and delivered by local hydro companies throughout the province. Save on Energy provides programs and services that give Ontario residents and businesses opportunities and tools to help them better understand and manage their energy use.”

Saving energy brings unexpected benefits

The IESO hopes that platforms like Save on Energy will help people better understand and internalize the positive, real-world effects less energy use can have for themselves, their families and for their businesses. Young points out that saving energy results in significant savings for all Ontarians now, and in the future. “The short-term benefits of conserving energy is that families and businesses save money. Collectively, we all save money in the long-term by offsetting the need to build new power plants. Through conservation programs and changes to codes and standards, Ontario has saved 12.7 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in the past 10 years, which is equivalent to about half the annual electricity demand in the City of Toronto.”

Getting started

As Young explains, saving energy doesn’t have to start with big investments. “Small changes can have a big impact,” he says. “At home, simple things like weather stripping around windows or replacing bulbs as they burn out with energy efficient LED’s can have a big impact.” And for businesses, the same can ring true. “Checking for air leaks in the building, or turning off the lights in meeting rooms can be a great way to start down the path of energy-efficiency,” he notes.

Save on Energy is there for all Ontarians to provide additional tips and financial incentives to help you save energy.