lmost every auto manufacturer in the world has an EV model on the road or is close to releasing one. To keep pace with current and future demand, Canada’s public charging infrastructure is expanding rapidly to over 4,000 charging plugs. Recent advancements in battery technology are giving drivers more range at lower cost. It’s safe to say that EVs are no longer an if scenario, but a when and Canada’s movement to a clean and sustainable electric transportation sector is underway.

The province of Ontario has recognized that EVs are one of Ontario’s best opportunities to reduce emissions from transportation and has taken a strong leadership position in the EV revolution by investing in the following measures:
■ The Electric Vehicle Incentive Program currently provides up to $14,000 off the purchase price of an EV.
■ The Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program provides 50 percent off the cost to buy a home charging station and an additional 50 percent off the cost of installation up to a maximum of $1,000.
■ The Green License plate program allows EV drivers to use High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes on the highway while driving alone.
■ $20-million Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario (EVCO) investment in public charging stations will result in the installation of over 200 Level 3 fast charging stations across the province making inter-city travel more practical for EV drivers.
■ The Climate Change Action Plan will integrate EVs into Ontario’s climate change strategy. Some ideas being put forward include free night-time charging for EV drivers, mandatory EV ready new homes, and a rebate program for low to middle income households to replace gas cars more than 12 years old with electric cars.

Despite these bold initiatives, many Ontarians are still skeptical about purchasing an EV due to an abundance of myths about the performance capabilities, upfront cost, cost to maintain, ease of charging, and benefits to consumers, the economy, and the environment.

Plug’n Drive has played a pivotal role in demystifying EVs since day one by educating consumers and advocating for policies and programs that will make it easy for Ontarians to switch. For the EV revolution to be successful it is important consumers understand why the government is investing in electric vehicles and why electric transportation is a critical next step in reaching Canada’s climate change goals while fostering economic development.

Even with today’s lower gas prices EV owners can save $1,500–$2,000 per year on fuel and EVs don’t need oil changes or exhaust systems, saving you hundreds of dollars per year on maintenance. Canada’s electricity grid is one of the cleanest in the world with over 75 percent generation coming from hydro, nuclear, and renewables. Electricity is made locally and when you buy it you’re supporting local jobs and infrastructure. Most Canadians drive 60 kilometres or less per day, well within the range of every single EV available for sale.
It’s safe to say EVs are not the cars of the future; they are the cars of today.

This information packed supplement will dispel the myths and give you the facts convincing you there’s no better time than now to take an EV for a test drive.

Get behind the wheel and join the rEVolution!