Recyclable Keurig K-Cup® pods offer the same high quality, great tasting coffee consumers love and will be available in all pod varieties by the end of this year. Slated for distribution throughout North America by 2020, Keurig pushed up the Canadian release date because of the nation’s commitment to recycling.

“Because the Canadian recycling infrastructure is well established and Canadians themselves widely recycle, we made our objective even more ambitious,” says Cynthia Shanks, Director of Communications and Sustainability at Keurig.

Creating value with recyclable K-Cup pods

Beyond making their coffee pods recyclable, Keurig wanted to ensure that their coffee pods would have a useful second life, so they partnered with different leaders of the recycling and plastic industries, to develop a solution that could work with the Canadian recycling infrastructure.

They chose to create their pods using polypropylene, a high-value resin with a variety of uses, already collected for recycling in over 90 percent of communities in Canada. The new pods meet Keurig’s high standards of quality and freshness, while bringing value to the recycling industry

As Paulina Leung, Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development at Emterra Group explains, “our partnership with Keurig has shown that we can rethink the whole recovery and recycling value chain. From packaging design all the way to the plastics recovery facilities, we take discarded items and recover them into a high-value product that, hopefully, will go into new items.”

A user-friendly product with a useful second life

Keurig partnerships with the recycling and plastic industries across North America for the past three years have helped the company gain the necessary knowledge to ensure K-Cup® pods can easily travel from recycling bins at homes to recycling facilities in pursuit of a useful second life.

“We believe recycling, like all elements of environmental stewardship, is a shared responsibility. Ours is to provide a solution that works by delivering a product that is easily recyclable,” says Shanks. “Canadian consumers are accustomed to the convenience of their home recycling system and the convenience of their single-serve coffee maker. Our recycling solution enables them to embrace sustainability without compromising quality and choice.”