With an abundance of online retail options available, it can be difficult for the savvy shopper to ensure they’re getting the best deal on their purchase. Staying within a budget during the busiest shopping season of the year is a feat of its own.

Ebates.ca, a Rakuten Company, helps shoppers get the most out of their online carts with Cash Back bonuses, gift cards, and in-store pick up options. Smart shoppers earn Cash Back and rewards on holiday purchases and can end up with a pleasant New Year’s surprise in the form of a big fat cheque (or PayPal payment).

Whether you’re a casual shopper or a shopaholic, here are six quick tips to help make your e-commerce experience seamless.

Have an idea of what you want before you jump online, especially during the holiday season when best-selling products can be snapped up quickly. Use tools like the Ebates App and Cash Back Button to scour through inventory and discover deals before you start throwing items in your cart.

Because there are so many ways to be rewarded for shopping, it’s best to shop on a site that gives discount codes, flash sales, and rewards opportunities all at once. Most will also add discounts to your cart automatically — just keep an eye open for them.

Before you set out to shop, make a clear list of what you already have and what you need so you don’t double up on items or make unnecessary purchases.

When making large purchases like appliances or electronics, make sure you know all the details including price and estimated longevity of the product. There’s nothing worse than shelling out for an item that doesn’t last, and as a result, isn’t worth the hit to your wallet. 

Follow your favourite stores on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you’ll be the first to know about exclusive sales and offers.

Stocking up during Boxing Day and end-of-winter sales for upcoming birthdays, wedding gifts, Valentine’s Day, or multi-season wardrobe staples will put you ahead of the game while saving time and money.